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我想要說的是,感謝上帝垂聽禱告給我三十倍的應允; 感謝WELTS的包容,讓我在學習中成長; 還要感謝菲律賓這個國家讓我探索,發現自己生命中有更多的那些曾經以為不可能的事卻又真實的實現在自己眼前的模樣。

在WELTS工作的日子這輩子不會忘懷,菲律賓教會我的太多太多了,不僅僅是學習語言上的收穫,還有用樂天的態度面對挫折,幽默的看待自己不足的部分,還要有一顆熱情不滅的心愛朋友愛家人愛生活愛自己! (我還做得不好,但我會繼續練習~)


933 wonderful days in WELTS.
I'd like to say THANK YOU to WELTS sincerely.
WELTS gave me a great chance to change the point of view of myself, my life and my future.
I learn a lot, not just only in improving my English skills but also my communication skills between people from all walks of life and my abilities to face and solve various problems.

I experienced numerous things; culture diversity, different lifestyle, and breathtaking views of marine life. I acquired how to adapt to the new environment, make friends, listen to others (*my biggest challenge) and setting priority.

However, there's no place like home. It's time to go. No doubt I will miss everyone, every moment and every corner here. And also I believe that my life in cebu is a long long story and I won't stop talking about it in my life.

Take care always guys, I'll be back to see you soon. ^^

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